Environmental Education Resources

Engaging Youth in Environmental Stewardship

Empowering Young Changemakers


It is our responsibility to prepare our children for the future they will inherit, and this includes providing education focused on environmental stewardship. When given the necessary tools, knowledge, and support, children feel empowered and equipped to take on new challenges and work to make the world a better place.


Keep Louisiana Beautiful provides resources to support formal (classroom) and non-formal (parents, caregivers, scout leaders, etc.) in their efforts to teach our children the importance of caring for their communities and the environment. Environmental literacy is of particular importance in Louisiana. With the state positioned at the mouth of the Mississippi River, we are extremely vulnerable to the toxic runoff, litter, and debris draining from over 30 U.S. states.


In the spring of 2016, Louisiana Act 72 was signed into law, requiring that students in grades K-5 receive education about litter and its vast implications on our environment. In response, KLB developed Rocksey’s Toolbox with lessons and activities on litter prevention, waste reduction, and related topics. In the spring of 2024, KLB released a new curriculum — in alignment with current learning standards — that can be downloaded and utilized by both formal and non-formal educators. An educational 12-page activity book is also available featuring Rocksey and friends. KLB’s educational resources are free to download and order.

KLB Lesson Manual for K-5

This manual includes 10 lesson plans that align with the student standards targeting grades K-5. The lessons cover the topics of litter prevention, school litter mapping, recycling, reducing, reusing, microplastics, nonpoint source pollution, and watersheds. We encourage K-5 classroom teachers to use these new lessons, but they are also a wonderful resource for scout leaders, non-profit organizations, parents, youth leaders, and others who work with children. The fun, hands-on activities that follow each lesson are simple to implement and allow children to engage, explore, and dig deeper into the presented topics.

Litter Free Louisiana Activity Book

KLB has created a fun, engaging 12-page activity book for youth. Children will learn about environmental stewardship, litter, and recycling. Included are activities that encourage reflection, problem-solving, and creativity.