Environmental Education

Empowering Louisiana's Next Generation

Keep Louisiana Beautiful created Rocksey’s Toolbox to empower Louisiana youth to make environmentally-sound decisions and understand the vital role they play in preserving the beauty of their space. And ultimately, our world.

rocksey-cover-for-hero-imageBeginning in fall 2016, Keep Louisiana Beautiful rolled out its first-ever environmental education curriculum, designed to teach young children how the small actions and decisions they make in their own homes and communities have a big impact on the world around them. This ten lesson-plan curriculum is geared towards children in grades K-5, with each lesson having specific adaptations for younger or older children. Hands-on experiments are incorporated to illustrate the lessons using objects familiar to their own lives, and creative activity sheets are provided to test their knowledge post-lesson.

As of February 2017, Keep Louisiana Beautiful has educated a total of 42 teachers from four different regions on the curriculum, resulting in a projected reach of 1,260 children. The curriculum has also been presented at several educational conferences and has been well-received by teacher attendees and community stakeholders alike.

Future teacher training workshops will resume in the fall of 2017. Each training is open to approximately twenty-five teachers who spend one full Saturday (9am until 3pm) reviewing the curriculum, learning objectives and corresponding state standards. These trainings are free to interested educators, with lunch and a $50 stipend provided to ease the burdens caused by travel or childcare costs. In addition, teachers receive continuing education credits for their attendance and subsequent certification on the material. Each teacher leaves the training with a certificate of attendance, a Rocksey’s Toolbox curriculum binder, and some of the supplies needed to implement these lessons in the classroom.

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