Thank you for working hard to clean up Louisiana!

We are excited to report that during Love the Boot Week, 12,777 individuals volunteered a total of 61,493 hours, removing 313 tons of litter in all 64 parishes. In addition to litter removal, volunteers focused on community beautification, planting 370 trees and 3,542 plants, and refurbishing 146 gardens. Thank you, Louisiana!

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Our Goals


a clean Louisiana for future generations


communities to clean up Louisiana


citizens to change behaviors that create litter


Love the Boot a strong, sustainable movement


We’ve got all the tools and resources to help make your cleanup successful, whether you need basic event planning tips, social media graphics, or supply vendor information. Select one of the options below or click Additional Resources for even more tools and resources.

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We want individuals, families, and self-appointed small groups across the state to join us and Love the Boot. You can make a difference by taking the monthly challenge, organizing a cleanup or beautification project in your area or volunteering at an event during Love the Boot week.

Who's Loving the Boot

About Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Keep Louisiana Beautiful is the state’s leading anti-litter and beautification organization focused on bringing people together to build and sustain vibrant, clean communities. Through a network of affiliates, businesses, schools, governments, and citizens, we provide programs, tools and resources to prevent litter, reduce waste, increase recycling, and protect and preserve the natural beauty of Louisiana. Our mission is to promote personal, corporate, and community responsibility for a clean and beautiful Louisiana.

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