Grant Opportunities

Since 2004, Keep Louisiana Beautiful has awarded $4.7 million in grants to local communities in the areas of litter abatement, waste reduction, recycling, and environmental education.

Trash Receptacle and Beautification Grants

The purpose of the Keep Louisiana Beautiful Trash Receptacle Grant is to reduce litter in public spaces by providing high-quality trash receptacles in communities throughout Louisiana. The purpose of the Keep Louisiana Beautiful Beautification Grant is to create beautiful, well-maintained gardens and plantings to promote community pride and improve the appearance of communities throughout Louisiana.

Healthy Community Grants

The Keep Louisiana Beautiful Healthy Communities Grant Program is designed to encourage community action in the specific areas of waste reduction, reuse initiatives, recycling, litter cleanups, litter law enforcement, environmental education and training, waterway cleanup,  and hazardous waste. KLB supports strong, sustainable, action-oriented programs dedicated to our mission that demonstrate a clear commitment to community education, volunteer engagement, and behavior change

Greener Grounds Grant

Keep Louisiana Beautiful partnered with French Quarter Festivals, Inc. to create Greener Grounds Guidebook and Workbook to provide practical ways that you, as an event organizer, can plan to manage and reduce waste, increase recycling and prevent litter at your event.  This grant supports the implementation of the best practices outlined in the guidebook.

KLB Community Affiliate Grants

In addition to the Healthy Communities Grant, KLB offers four additional grants to KAB Community Affiliates in the state of Louisiana. Only Certified Affiliates are eligible for the following grants:

  • Trash Receptacle Affiliate Grants
  • Program Grants
  • Clean-Up Supplies Grants
  • Environmental Education Grants