Since 2004, Keep Louisiana Beautiful has awarded $3 million in grants to local communities in the areas of litter abatement, waste reduction, recycling, and environmental education.

Keep Louisiana Beautiful supports strong, sustainable, action-oriented programs dedicated to these areas. We fund programs that not only educate and engage, but also facilitate attitudinal, behavioral and cultural change.

Healthy Communities Grant

The Keep Louisiana Beautiful Healthy Communities Grant Program is designed to encourage community action in the specific areas of: Waste Reduction; Reuse Initiative; Recycling Initiatives; Litter Clean-Ups; Litter Law Enforcement; Environmental Education/Training; Water Pollution; and Hazardous Waste.

KLB supports strong, sustainable, action-oriented programs dedicated to our mission that demonstrate a clear commitment to community education, volunteer engagement and behavior change.

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Trash Receptacle Mini-Grant

By simply increasing the number of receptacles in a public space, littering can be greatly reduced. The Keep Louisiana Beautiful Trash Receptacle Mini-Grant Program has been developed to assist Keep Louisiana Beautiful (KLB) affiliates in their efforts to provide attractive and high-quality trash receptacles in public spaces by streamlining the grant application process. Please note that this is an in-kind grant contribution as opposed to a cash reward grant and that recipients will not receive grant monies but instead, up to five trash receptacles.

Keep Louisiana Beautiful affiliates and pre-certified affiliates that are currently in Good Standing with KAB and KLB are eligible to apply.