Motorist Education

Be a driving force for a litter-free Louisiana.

Studies have found that motorists are responsible for approximately 53% of all roadside litter. Targeting drivers before they hit the road can stop the problem before it starts. That’s why Keep Louisiana Beautiful created a campaign specific to them which focuses on four main points: Litter is Harmful. Litter is Costly. Litter is Illegal. Litter is preventable.

To reach drivers, this campaign will focus on the two places through which every driver must pass: a driver’s education school, and the Office of Motor Vehicles.

The Louisiana Driver’s Education handbook will now include a page dedicated to preventing roadside litter, and the information presented will be part of the computerized test that each driver must pass before receiving his or her license. In addition, each Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles will be adorned with a window cling, a wall poster, desk mats and table tents that reemphasize those four key points about litter.

So, keep your eyes out for these messages the next time you are getting your driver’s license or registration renewed – and most of all, remember the four teaching points of litter: Litter is Harmful. Litter is Costly. Litter is Illegal. Litter is Preventable.

Learn more about how costly roadside litter is to our state and the consequences of contributing to it by watching our video: “Why Litter Stinks.” This video is required viewing for all Louisiana drivers academy students.