Litter Laws and Enforcement

Keeping our communities clean.

Local litter ordinances play a big role in keeping our state clean, green and litter-free. The resources below have been compiled to help educate the public on the litter ordinances that currently exist.

Do you love Louisiana’s unique natural beauty? Then join us in protecting it.

The Department of Environmental Quality has published this comprehensive Louisiana Local Government Litter Ordinance Template and Handbook. It is described as a “turnkey, how-to guide with time-tested solutions for developing and implementing a litter control program in municipal and parish governments.” This handbook was created by the dedicated members of the Louisiana Aquatic Litter Alliance.

Louisiana Local Government Litter Ordinance Template and Handbook

The Litter Court Handbook by design has been in development over the past several years. This handbook is intended to serve as a practical guide for Justices of the Peace and Constables in understanding and setting up their own Litter Court within their jurisdiction. The contents of this book offers easy access to relevant provisions of state law and outlines the basic procedures in conducting and overseeing a Litter Court. This Handbook is NOT designed to be a law book and should not be relied upon as any legal authority. This book does not address all areas of law or procedure. This serves as a guideline for best practices for litter cases filed within a Justice of Peace Court. Each Judge should consult state law and their local parish ordinances for any specific requirements. Constables are given the tools needed to conduct litter investigations, secure and protect evidence and prosecute their cases in J.P. court.

Litter Court Handbook