Community Affiliate Grants

Keep Louisiana Beautiful’s Community Affiliate Grants program supports Community Affiliate organizations across Louisiana that are actively engaged and committed to making a measurable impact in their local communities. Community Affiliates who meet specific criteria at application time can apply for a Program Grant, Cleaning Supplies Grant, and Trash Receptacle Grant.

Program Grants: Program Grants are awarded to projects and initiatives with solid and measurable outcomes in one or more of the identified focus areas: litter and waste reduction, recycling, reusing, litter enforcement, and environmental education related to KLB‘s mission.


Cleanup Supplies: According to the Louisiana Litter Study completed by KLB in 2023, the cost of litter abatement in Louisiana has risen from $40 million (2010) to $91.4 million. Local cleanups of litter and debris removal from roadways and waterways bring the communities together to heighten awareness of the problem, recruit volunteers for your Affiliate, and remove substantial amounts of litter for a cleaner and greener Louisiana.


Trash Receptacles: One of KLB‘s key initiatives is to support clean and green infrastructure. Installing receptacles is one way to do that. Data collected over the last two years shows a reduction of litter by 56% in areas where trash receptacles are installed and maintained. Public spaces are transformed into beautiful, clean places.

2023-24 Community Affiliate Grant Recipients:


Organization: Keep Abita Beautiful

Grant Amount: $2,497

Project: Recycling Initiatives


Abita will purchase containers for event recycling and pocket totes to pass out at events to reduce single-use plastic bag use.


Organization: Keep Algiers Beautiful

Grant Amount: $1,200

Project: Litter Education


Algiers will purchase car litter bags for students to take home to their parents/caregivers. In addition, they will work with school groups, teachers, and school leadership to educate students on the negative impacts of litter.


Organization: Keep DeSoto Beautiful

Grant Amount: $2,500

Project: Road Safety Campaign


DeSoto will purchase tarps, bungee cords and informational flyers to distribute to prevent roadside litter. Marketing materials will educate the public on the importance of securing their loads.


Organization: Keep Slidell Beautiful

Grant Amount: $2,500

Project: Trash Receptacles


Slidell will purchase receptacles to prevent litter along roadways and in parks. Marketing efforts will promote the use of the receptacles.


Organization: Keep St. James Beautiful

Grant Amount: $2,500

Project: Water Bottle Refill Station for Events


St. James will implement water bottle refill stations at outdoor events. Information about the harm of single-use plastic bottles will be distributed through the local paper, schools, libraries, and by volunteers.


Organization: Shreveport Green

Grant Amount: $2,310

Project: High School Litter Cleanup Program


Shreveport Green will partner with high schools to organize cleanups, analyze litter collected, and use the information to develop a comprehensive litter program to reduce litter around schools. Cleanup supplies will be purchased for participating students.