State Litter Laws

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Law Description
RS 30:2525 Litter reduction and public action section; staff; powers and duties; cooperation; funding
RS 30:2531 Intentional littering prohibited; criminal penalties; simple littering prohibited; civil penalties; special court costs
RS 30:2531.4 Community service litter abatement work program; establishment; limited liability
RS 32:412 Amount of fees; credit or refund; duration of license; veteran designation; university logo; “I’m a Cajun” designation; disbursement of funds; renewal by mail or electronic commerce of Class “D” or “E” drivers’ licenses; disposition of certain fees; exception
RS 30:2531.1 Gross littering prohibited; criminal penalties; indemnification
RS 30:2531.3 Commercial littering prohibited; civil penalties; indemnification; special court costs
RS 30:2531.6 Citations; unlawful acts; records; failure to pay or appear; procedures
RS 30:2544 Litter-free zones; temporary signs, handbills, flyers and notices; notice to remove; penalties
RS 13:2575.6 Additional administrative adjudication procedures in the city of New Orleans; sanitation and litter violations; ticket procedure; appeal; penalties
RS 30:2522 Definitions
RS 30:2535 Litter receptacle; placement and use; logo; penalties
RS 30:2524 Donations and grants; Louisiana Litter Abatement Grant Program
RS 30:2528 Litter bags; distribution and design
RS 30:2536 Beautification and litter clearing by prisoners
RS 30:2543 People against littering
RS 33:1236.2 Powers of the governing authorities of Calcasieu Parish and Ouachita Parish; litter ordinances
RS 56:495.1 Trawling vessels; size of trawls; butterfly nets
 RS 30:2529 Removal of litter; responsibility
RS 56:10 Annual report to governor; estimate of proposed expenditures; particular funds; warrants; vouchers; surplus funds
RS 30:2527 Use of anti-litter symbol; distribution; placement
RS 30:2530 Anti-litter campaign; industrial and civic cooperation requested
RS 30:2532 Collection and distribution of fines; litter abatement and education account
RS 30:2533 Litter violations bureau
RS 33:1236 Powers of parish governing authorities
RS 47:463.69 Special prestige license plates; “Don’t Litter Louisiana”
RS 56:70.3 Louisiana Help Our Wildlife Fund; creation; composition of fund; uses of fund
RS 3:2465 Operating procedures
RS 13:2586 Jurisdiction and procedure
RS 13:2589 Compensation of justices of the peace and constables in criminal matters
RS 15:855 Road, street, highway, right of way maintenance and litter removal, weed cutting, drug free school zone sign posting, and solid waste recycling programs by convict labor; indemnification
RS 32:402.1 Driver education; required
RS 33:130.73 Powers and functions of the board
RS 33:130.303 Powers of district
RS 33:130.583 Powers and functions of the board of commissioners
RS 33:2740.19 Baton Rouge Inner City Economic Development District; creation, composition and powers\
RS 33:2740.23 West Bank Corridor Improvement Commission; creation, composition, and powers
RS 33:2740.26 Louis Armstrong Park Authority and Historic Jazz District; creation, composition, and powers
RS 56:424 Taking of oysters
RS 56:431 Unlawful removal of oysters or signs from leased propagating grounds; instructions to captain and crew of vessels; penalty
RS 13:2587.1 Prosecution of litter violations in justice of the peace courts
RS 13:4611 Punishment for contempt of court
RS 13:5536 Deputy sheriffs; qualifications for employment
RS 14:98.2 Unlawful refusal to submit to chemical tests; arrests for driving while intoxicated
RS 14:98.5 Special provisions and definitions
RS 14:98.6 Underage operating while intoxicated
RS 14:98.7 Unlawful refusal to submit to chemical tests; arrests for driving while intoxicated
RS 15:708 Labor by prisoners permitted; workday release program; indemnification
RS 32:408 Examination of applicants required; classes of licenses
RS 32:666 Refusal to submit to chemical test; submission to chemical tests; exception; effects of
RS 33:130.83 Powers and functions of the board
RS 33:4064.4 Powers of commission
RS 48:235 Adopt-a-road program
RS 3:2464 Shelter construction
RS 3:4274.1 Appointment of forestry officers; duties and powers
RS 13:2590.2 Clerk of court appointment in Jefferson Parish
RS 13:5537 Appointment, oath, and bond of deputies; authority and jurisdiction of certain deputies
RS 14:82 Prostitution; definition; penalties; enhancement
RS 14:98.1 Underage driving under the influence
RS 15:848.3 Powers and duties of commission
RS 15:850.4 Powers and duties of commission
RS 15:850.14 Powers and duties of commission
RS 23:1821 Repealed by Acts 2015, No. 426, §7
RS 24:973.1 Legislative Youth Advisory Council; purpose, membership, duties, administration, report, student privacy
RS 26:933 Establishment of responsible vendor program
RS 30:2531.9 Application of other laws
RS 30:2537 Adopt-a-beach program
RS 30l2540 Inland water cleanup
RS 30:2542 Great Louisiana people’s pledge
RS 30:2546 Littering of waters; definitions; penalties; disposal facilities
RS 30:2547 Adopt-a-byway program
RS 30:2548 Adopt a Water Body program
RS 32:216 Pedestrians on highways or interstate highways
RS 32:410 Form of license; photograph, signature of licensee, anatomical gift statement, declaration of life-sustaining procedures, and additional information on license
RS 32:414 Suspension, revocation, renewal, and cancellation of licenses; judicial review
RS 33:2195 Providing necessary personnel
RS 36:239 Transfer of agencies and functions to Department of Environmental Quality
RS 36:605 Powers and duties of the secretary of wildlife and fisheries
RS 38:3086.24 Powers
RS 47:463.43 Special license plates; environmental education division
RS 47:820.6 Roadside vegetation master plan
RS 48:228.1 Master characterization plan of state roads for maintenance
RS 48:347 Removal of obstacles or hazards from highway or vicinity; campaign signs
RS 48:361 To 373 Repealed by Acts 1986, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 32, 8.
RS 49:126 Promotional stickers on public vehicles
RS 56:433 Culling oysters taken from natural reefs; size limits
RS 56:1850 Rules and regulations