Take the Pledge

To Clean Up Your Community

You can #LovetheBoot all year long! Pledge to clean up an area in your community every 4th Saturday! Large or small, every effort makes a difference!


There’s so much we can do in our daily lives to keep litter out of Louisiana. Here are some ways you can keep Louisiana beautiful.

  1. When you see litter, pick it up.
  2. Keep your garbage bags tied tight and cover your bins to shield trash from the wind and wildlife.
  3. Keep a trash bag in your vehicle and dispose of your trash properly when you get home.
  4. Don’t toss cigarette butts out your vehicle window! Use a travel ashtray to keep cigarette butts off our roadways.
  5. Check the bed of your truck to ensure it’s free of trash and debris that could fly out and become litter.
  6. When transporting large items, secure your load with tarps, nets, or tie-downs.
  7. Don’t toss food or food containers onto roadways. Not only is this litter unsightly, but it can also kill wildlife.
  8. Organize a litter cleanup or volunteer for one in your community.
  9. Use a reusable grocery bag to reduce the number of plastic bags that become litter.
  10. Spread the word! Share photos and videos showcasing Louisiana’s beauty and what you’re doing to protect it with the hashtag #LetLouisianaShine.