Report Litter

If you see something,
say something.

As residents of Louisiana, it’s our duty to report violators of our state’s litter laws. If you witness littering or illegal dumping violations, report those responsible by calling LDWF’s anti-litter hotline at 888-LIT-R-BUG (888-548-7284).

Emergency? Don’t hesitate to call the police, sheriff or fire department.

You are the eyes and ears of your community. In addition to local police, you can contact your local constable to enforce any of the following litter laws.

To report hazardous chemical releases, air/water pollution, leaks and runoff as well as toxic environmental accidents and complaints, call the Hazardous Materials Hotline at 225-925-6595 or 1-877-925-6595.

If you come across chemical spills, releases or odors from things like paints, pesticides, oil, antifreeze, etc. as well as mass fish kills and burning tires, call the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at 225-219-3640 or Toll Free 1-888-763-5424.


See a litterbug? Let us know.

You are the first line of defense against litter. If you see someone violating a dumpsite or littering in public, call the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Enforcement Division at 1-888-LITRBUG or 1-888-548-7284.


When in doubt, call them out!

Illegal dumping, burning or discharge of any kind in water is extremely harmful to our environment in many ways. Wrongful disposal of waste, shingles and tires should be reported, too. As soon as you notice, get in touch with Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality’s Criminal Investigation Division (LDEQ-CID) at 1-888-763-5424 or 225-219-3944.


The EPA has your back. Stand up for Louisiana.

The U.S. EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division also investigates negligent, knowing or willful violations of federal environmental laws that damage our water, land, and air. If you witness illegal discharge in the air, hazardous waste or signs of asbestos, you can reach the EPA-CID at 225-925-8490.

For more information about the litter laws ordinances in your community, download the Criminal Investigation Division Environmental Crimes Handbook . You can also download a more thorough guide to reporting here .