Be an Advocate for Your Environment

Keep Louisiana Beautiful provides education on litter, waste reduction, recycling, and beautification for all ages. As we learn about litter and its impacts on our lives and environment, we become better equipped to advocate for change. In 2021, the Keep Louisiana Beautiful network reached 24,440 students and educators with lessons focused on environmental stewardship.

Rocksey’s Environmental Education Program

In the fall of 2016, Keep Louisiana Beautiful unveiled its newly created environmental education program, tailored to Louisiana youth grades in grades kindergarten through 4th grade. What makes the program so unique is that it takes real-life examples in our state and discusses environmental challenges unique to Louisianans, and then gives them tools to be able to tackle those challenges in their own communities. The program was created in coordination with Louisiana Green Schools and meet appropriate GLE’s (grade level expectations), so that they fit in seamlessly with the current curriculum. The curriculum, lesson plans, and activities were created with formal and informal educators in mind and provides all the resources they need to carry them out successfully.

Motorist Education

Studies have found that motorists are responsible for approximately 53% of all roadside litter. Targeting drivers before they hit the road can stop the problem before it starts. That’s why Keep Louisiana Beautiful created a campaign specific to them which focuses on four main points: Litter is Harmful. Litter is Costly. Litter is Illegal. Litter is preventable.