Summer Slogan Contest Takes Aim at Louisiana Litter.

If you’ve ever traveled west across the Louisiana border, you’ve likely encountered our neighboring state’s timeless anti-litter tagline, “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

Well, it’s time for Louisiana to take a similar stand against litter in its communities.

Alongside First Lady Donna Edwards and the Louisiana State Department of Environmental Quality, Keep Louisiana Beautiful is sponsoring a contest to find the state’s first official anti-litter slogan. The Louisiana Anti-Litter Slogan Contest is open to any advertising, promotions, communications and public relations company or freelance person operating in the state of Louisiana.

The winning slogan will be announced at a press conference commending the creative minds behind it. In addition to incorporating the new tagline into the state’s ongoing anti-litter campaign, it will be included in other high-profile marketing opportunities, including being featured on bumper stickers on all 12,000 state agency vehicles.

Louisiana is plagued by a statewide litter and illegal dumping problem. Awareness and education are imperative to changing people’s attitudes and behaviors, and the slogan contest is a way to encourage citizens to be a part of their community by helping to preserve its environment.

For contest rules and an application please contact