Rocksey’s Guide to Avoiding Halloween Waste and Trick-or-Treat Litter

Spooky season is here and while we love Halloween, Rocksey the Raccoon doesn’t like seeing our communities littered with candy wrappers. One small wrapper may seem insignificant, but it can blow into a storm drain and end up in a waterway and eventually the ocean. And while candy is enjoyed by kids and parents alike, it can be harmful to Rocksey’s friends, both fish and wildlife. Rocksey also wants us to know that there are several ways to reduce Halloween waste. Here are a few tips for a cleaner, greener Halloween:


  • Be a heroBring a separate bag for litter when you go trick-or-treating. You can make it a fun game for the kids and encourage them to pick up litter in their neighborhood. Remember to be cautious and use gloves when picking up litter. Some organizations even collect wrappers for recycling like Rubicon!
  • Be resourceful. Instead of buying a plastic candy container, give the kids pillowcases or reusable shopping bags to collect their candy.
  • Be creative. Instead of buying a new costume, make a new one out of clothes and items you already own. You can also buy gently used (often worn once) costumes from secondhand stores. Or swap costumes with a friend!
  • Be thoughtful. Avoid using fake spiderwebs as décor. It can be deadly to birds, as they can become entangled. This fake webbing is also often thrown out and ends up in a landfill.
  • Be green. Compost your pumpkins! Use your jack-o-lantern to feed your garden. If you don’t have a garden, check for local organizations collecting pumpkins.
  • Be kind-hearted. Organize a post-Halloween cleanup in your community! Small or large, every effort makes a difference.


Make sure to check out Rocksey’s Toolbox online for K-5 lessons encouraging environmental stewardship. Happy Halloween from Rocksey and Keep Louisiana Beautiful!