Spotlight: Zachary High School BETA Club Loves the Boot

In an effort to spread awareness for the repercussions of litter and encourage community cleanups, Governor John Bel Edwards, in partnership with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and Keep Louisiana Beautiful, declared the 4th Saturday of every month in 2022 “Love the Boot Day.” Stepping up and pledging to clean up Zachary is the Zachary High School BETA Club, led by Co-Presidents Gabreyela Gonzalez and Stané Daniels.


With a mission promoting the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership, the Zachary BETA Club decided to support Louisiana’s anti-litter initiative. The club’s leaders met with Sharon Phillips, Public Information Officer for the City of Zachary, and Mary Landy, Zachary Historic Village Director for the City of Zachary, to plan their first cleanup.


“The first cleanup on June 25 had a positive response and many people followed up wanting to help out,” the club shared. ” The BETA officers did not like seeing litter in our community, and we knew that we could make impactful changes to our community, even as high school students.”


Each month, the club will select a heavily littered site to clean up. They also shared that beginning in September, they will be volunteering to paint murals in parts of Zachary.


Seeing a need for more clean up and beautification efforts in Zachary, the BETA officers will present at the next city hall meeting on August 9.


“We firmly believe that we should help preserve what we have and improve current conditions to ultimately create a better world to live in,” explained the club leaders.


If you live in Zachary and want to help clean up litter, you can use the Zachary BETA Club’s sign-up form or contact