Plastic Free July: Ways You Can Help Reduce Plastic Pollution

It’s no secret that plastic products litter our communities and pollute our waterways. During Keep Louisiana Beautiful’s (KLB) recent roadside litter study, it was found that plastic water bottles were the most frequently found items at 80 percent of the sites surveyed. It was also found that 43 percent of littered items found included plastic packaging. You can make a difference by joining the Plastic Free July global movement and adopting behaviors for reducing plastic pollution. Here are a few ways you can stop plastic litter and Let Louisiana Shine:


  • Say no to plastic straws. Plastic straws are small, light, and non-biodegradable. They can easily be swept into the waterways, where they break down into microplastic particles. If you prefer using a straw, try a reusable option.
  • Use a reusable water bottle. Disposable water bottles were the most common items found at community cleanups during KLB’s Love the Boot Week in 2022 and 2023. Invest in a quality reusable water bottle instead of purchasing single-use plastics.
  • Use a reusable tote bag for shopping. Like plastic straws, plastic bags are lightweight and can be easily carried by the wind and water. Many organizations give away totes for free. Keep them in the trunk of your vehicle for trips to the grocery store.
  • Choose items with less or no plastic packaging. Consider purchasing items that are not pre-packaged. If you are buying bulk nuts, granola, flour, and other loose products, many stores will have paper bags that you can fill. You can bring your own reusable produce bags, containers, and glass jars.
  • Celebrate without plastic. Plastic balloons, confetti, and decor ends up littering our environment and can harm fish and wildlife. Instead choose fresh flowers, lanterns, and reusable decor.
  • Recycle plastics. When you do use disposable plastic products, check to see if they can be recycled. Almost all plastic containers have numbers in or around the recycling triangle symbol. Containers with a #1 or #2 are the easiest to recycle and should be accepted by almost every recycler.


Thank you for doing your part to stop plastic litter in Louisiana! Learn more about preventing litter at