Need a New Year’s Resolution? Let Louisiana Shine!

Make a New Year’s resolution that benefits you, your family, your community, and Louisiana. Do your part to Let Louisiana Shine in 2023 by stopping litter. Adopt one or all 10 of these resolutions:

In 2023, I resolve to:

  1. Bag my trash, tie the bag tight, and put a lid on my outdoor trash can. All these simple actions help prevent your trash from becoming litter.
  2. Keep a garbage bag in my vehicle and dispose of my trash properly when I get home. This action helps prevent roadside litter.
  3. Check the bed of my truck to ensure it’s free of trash and debris that could fly out and become litter.
  4. Secure my load with tarps, nets, and tie-downs when transporting large items in my truck or trailer. This helps prevent accidents caused by fallen equipment, furniture, etc.
  5. Get a travel ashtray. Tossed cigarette butts are litter and can end up in our waterways and harm fish and wildlife.
  6. Check my business parking lot for litter and install trash receptacles when possible. A clean place of business is a business that cares about Louisiana.
  7. Talk about the importance of not littering with my friends and family.
  8. Use fewer single-use plastics, like plastic water bottles and plastic bags. Lightweight plastics become litter, as they are easily carried by the wind and water. Reusable bottles and bags are affordable investments.
  9. Sign up to clean up during Love the Boot Week, seven days of cleanup and beautification events happening April 17-23. Registration opens at on January 23.
  10. When I see litter, pick it up. If we all chip in, we will see a difference.


Visit for litter facts and prevention tips.