The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization Loves the Boot!

Governor John Bel Edwards, in partnership with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and Keep Louisiana Beautiful, declared the fourth Saturday of every month in 2022 “Love the Boot Day”, inviting the people of Louisiana to pledge to engage in monthly community cleanups. Participating in the pledge program is the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization (MCNO), a neighborhood group passionate about improving the quality of life for all residents of the Mid-City neighborhood in New Orleans. We got a chance to ask Mary Mysing-Gubala of MCNO a few questions about the group’s involvement:

  1. What made you want to participate in the 4th Saturday pledge program? Litter is a major problem in our city and state and we wanted to do something to help. We’re hoping that having a regular event will encourage people to participate and hopefully encourage different behaviors.
  2. Why is a clean, litter-free Louisiana important to you? A clean, litter-free Louisiana is important to show that we care about and take pride in our state. Particularly we want to start with our neighborhood. That message of caring and pride will hopefully not only clean up our neighborhood but improve other behaviors as well.
  3. What are some common items you find during your cleanups? A lot of variety: plastic utensils, straws, beer and drink cans, water bottles, general wrapping litter, etc.
Since getting involved in the fourth Saturday pledge program, MCNO has filled 22 30-gallon bags with litter. We thank MCNO for their efforts to clean up their community!

Want to get involved in the pledge program?

Click here to pledge to clean up your neighborhood, a park, a roadway, or another space in your community. After each cleanup, please submit a Cleanup Pledge Report. If you cannot commit to every fourth Saturday, please select a day that works for you. Large or small, every cleanup makes a difference!