Love the Boot Week 2022 Removed 293 Tons of Litter in 54 Parishes

Love the Boot Week, the largest litter removal effort in the state organized by Keep Louisiana Beautiful (KLB) April 18-24, served as a wake-up call for Louisiana with 8,476 volunteers and participants in 54 parishes dedicating an estimated 40,007 hours to remove 293 tons of litter. The spectacular statewide support for this first year initiative is proof that our state’s people are tired of living in a dirty state.


Plastic bottles were the most common littered item reported. Other frequently found items included paper, cigarette butts, plastic bags, fast food packaging, masks, and straws.


Love the Boot cleanup


In addition to litter removal, participants focused on community beautification, improving our state with 131 trees, 671 plants, and 58 refurbished gardens. We were excited to see groups beautify their communities during Love the Boot Week, as we firmly believe a well-maintained community is indicative of caring citizens.


Love the Boot beautification event


KLB is proud to present the 2022 impact report, which shares all Love the Boot Week participants and pertinent statistics. View the report here.


“This is just the beginning of a long road,” said Susan Russell, Keep Louisiana Beautiful Executive Director. “Litter removal is just one piece of the larger puzzle, which also includes public education, the organization of supportive infrastructure, and enforcement. It’s going to take a significant culture shift and all of us working together to clean up Louisiana.”


KLB extends a special thanks to these Love the Boot Week participants and supporters: the Office of Governor John Bel Edwards, the Office of Lieutenant Billy Nungesser, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, and the Departments of Culture Recreation and Tourism, Transportation and Development, Environmental Quality, Wildlife and Fisheries, Public Safety and Corrections, and Agriculture and Forestry.


Love the Boot Week 2023 will take place April 17-23, 2023. We invite you to participate and help us engage citizens in all 64 parishes to clean up and beautify their communities.


Want to stay involved in cleaning up Louisiana?

Governor John Bel Edwards has declared every fourth Saturday in 2022 Love the Boot Day. Take the pledge to participate and clean up a space in your community. We must keep working together to clean up Louisiana. Take the pledge here.