LAYAYA Loves the Boot

In celebration of Love the Boot Week, Louisiana Young Artists & Young Authors (LAYAYA) created multiple wood signs with beautiful designs to educate citizens on the importance of keeping our state clean and beautiful.


The LAYAYA students used their imaginations to develop unique characters that convey various messages about being a friend to the environment. Jo Hughes, Director of LAYAYA, tell us, “Big Mike, the catfish, reminds us that it is important to keep our waterways clean with his slogan, “Don’t trash where you splash!” Buster, the racoon, reminds us all to “Toss your trash before you dash!” And Polly Pelican reminds those in fishing areas to properly dispose of discarded fishing lines, hooks, and other trash because we lose 2,000 brown pelicans a year from being tangled in fishing line.”


Some of the signs also have a glow-in-the-dark epoxy inlay to make sure the message is clear day and night.  In addition, the students created “dog comfort stations” that have scoop bag dispensers on the posts with Toby, the bulldog, reminding folks to “Please scoop if they poop!”


The signs are placed in Plaquemines Parish, home of LAYAYA, and the group hopes to expand the project next year.


LAYAYA is a 501c3 art non-profit that encourages youth to use time and talents in public service.