How to Conduct an E-Waste Event in Your Community

Executive Director of Keep Bossier Beautiful (KBB), Lynn Bryan, recently gave an overview of how to conduct an electronic waste (e-waste) event to Keep Louisiana Beautiful Affiliates. E-waste consists of electronic products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing or at the end of their “useful life.” Items collected during an e-waste drop-off event include but are not limited to computers, VCRs, stereos, and copiers. KBB has conducted four e-waste events since March 2022 and they’ve learned ways to improve their process each time. Since 2022, KBB has recycled over 11,000 lbs of e-waste collected from businesses and the public.

Here are a few tips from Lynn on how to ensure your e-waste event is successful:

  • Partner with a recycling company. KBB works with the Captial Area Corporate Recycling Council (CARC). There are no fees associated with their service.
  • Do your homework! Make sure you know exactly what items are acceptable by the recycling company you work with. Share the list of items that can and cannot be recycled through your event marketing, and make sure your volunteers are well-informed.
  • Recruit 8-10 seasoned volunteers to help at your event. Volunteers make e-waste events possible!
  • To get the word out about your event, speak at chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs, and Kiwanis clubs. You should also email your contact list and post on social media. Ask your partners to spread the word as well! Partnerships are key.
  • Choose a location, like a big parking lot, to avoid traffic jams. Use traffic cones to mark multiple drop-off lanes.
  • In addition to collecting e-waste from the public, partner with a business that wants to recycle electronics. This ensures that you have ample items recycled at your event.

It’s important to recycle electronics properly. When e-waste is deposited into landfills, toxic chemicals enter the soil and groundwater, putting people and wildlife at risk.

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