Clean Biz Spotlight: Citadel Completions in Lake Charles

KLB’s Clean Biz Partners commit to keeping their businesses litter-free and clean, and some go above and beyond that! Citadel Completions in Lake Charles provides an exemplary way to prevent litter and reduce waste internally by targeting their employee onboarding process. All new hires and employees are given a Citadel logoed stainless steel water thermos, a plastic reusable water bottle, and a coffee cup in their new hire box. These welcoming gifts allow the company to forego buying styrofoam cups. With 175 employees, Citadel’s switch is saving tens of thousands of foam cups every year from ending up in a landfill – where styrofoam takes over 500 years to decompose.


Citadel employees also receive training on the company’s internal eco-program and the steps they take to eliminate waste in their facility. Flyers are displayed as reminders of their collective commitment and the positive impact of their efforts. Sharing your sustainability values with your team is vital in establishing a clean and responsible company culture, no matter the size of your business. This Clean Biz Partner provides a great example of simple ways to ensure each team member is inspired and equipped to be a part of their community’s litter and waste solution.


Learn more about the Clean Biz Partnership, which is open to all Louisiana businesses.