Adopt New Waste Reduction Behaviors on America Recycles Day

November 15 is America Recycles Day! Recycling reduces the amount of waste we put in landfills, but it’s even more important to reduce waste in the first place so it doesn’t become litter. Here are some ways to reduce waste:


  1. Use a reusable shopping bag. Plastic bags can become litter and harm fish and wildlife, as they easily blow into ditches and waterways.
  2. Use a refillable water bottle ​instead of a single-use plastic bottle. Single-use plastic bottles enter our communities and harm our environment. ​
  3. Say no to plastic straws. They can be harmful to birds and turtles.
  4. Feed your garden, not the landfill. Compost your food scraps!
  5.  When online shopping, combine deliveries to reduce packaging.


Learn more about America Recycles Day here.