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Thanks to the generosity of our partner, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, Keep Louisiana Beautiful is able to host a monthly webinar series that is free and open to all who are interested. The learning series aims to educate and share best practices, programs and current trends with individuals, organizations and local governmental entities on litter prevention, waste reduction, beautifying local communities and other relevant topics.

Know Your Trash

Presenter: Linda Baynham, Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility for the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Learn how and why you should conduct a waste audit.

Chat Transcript

Lynne Serpe:0:46
good morning! this is Lynne from Compost NOW
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Morning! Christy from Keep Mandeville Beautiful here.
Virginia Akins:0:58
Good Morning! This is Corinne Akins from Belle Chasse Academy charter school.
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Good morning Corinne!
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Hi Jordan! :-)
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Diane Drake, Top Ladies of Distinction- Nonpareil Chapter BR
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This is Ivy Mouton from Lake Charles Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., member of the Community Beautification Committee
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Good morning everyone. I am Christine Mandubourg from Lake Charles representing Top Ladies of Distinction. I am Beautification Chair.
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Good morning, Dr. Mitzi Jackson of Nicholls State University
Dagne Hill:6:48
Good morning everyone. I am Dagne Hill from Grambling State University
Alma Robichaux:7:18
Alma Robichaux, BTNEP (Hey Mitzi!)
Esperanza Zenon:8:04
Dr. Esperanza Zenon River Parishes Community College
Mary (Mitzi) Jackson, MD:8:18
👋 Alma and everyone
Virginia Akins:13:59
Is it because the materials still need to be processed?
Helena Robinson:14:00
It's still waste even though its being recycled
Dagne Hill:14:01
Because although recycled, it still was created on your campus
Kelly Johnson:14:03
because it still needs to leave the building? It's not reused
Gregory Guidroz:14:27
you need a total number to figure a diversion rate
Lynne Serpe:24:44
do you compost any of the cardboard ?
Juana Ibanez:28:09
makes sense to me
Gregory Guidroz:28:47
so your recycling contamination rate was 85%?
Lynne Serpe:28:57
great - thank you. good to know about food contaminated paper / cardboard (like pizza boxes)
Virginia Akins:35:20
As a school, we would love to use compostable cutlery and packaging in the cafeteria. However, cost per unit is prohibitive for us. Is this an issue for the
Virginia Akins:35:28
...the convention center?
Lynne Serpe:36:39
We use Schneider for Jazz Fest as well. The sales guy just told me yesterday that the cost and availability for Styrofoam is actually bcoming a challenge and so the cost difference is not as great as prviously
Gregory Guidroz:36:46
where does the compost go and how is it processed?
Juana Ibanez:36:52
Can https://glasshalffullnola.org/ take your glassware?
Dagne Hill:38:33
When sorting materials previously used by others, was COVID precautions a concern?
Alma Robichaux:38:55
Nicholls State has Sodexo
carol lunn:39:04
UNO did not renew with Sodexo...
Casey Byrd:39:06
Grambling State has Sodexo
Allisha Thomas:39:11
Grambling State University has Sodexo
Lynne Serpe:40:47
How about products made from recycled content? Do you look at / track that? For example, there are plastic cups made from recycled plastic (which are also recyclable).
Irene Ziegler:43:02
Is New Orleans household recycling up again? It was paused after Ida.
Sandra Guzman:43:43
Which areas of LA Schmelly's serves?
carol lunn:45:06
Does anyone have an integrated pest management program?
Lynne Serpe:46:02
What about toilet paper? Tree free? Anything like that?
Virginia Akins:48:26
We did in 2019 but not since.
Irene Ziegler:48:27
How does your metal recycling work that you make money? Who with?
Sara Good-Chanmugam:48:38
Is there any way to include reusable materials that you have substituted for plastic ones into your diversion rate/ any way to capture it in your waste audit?
Susan Russell:51:57
KLB has a Waste Audit Guide available to everyone. Hold on to the end of the webinar and I will tell you more.
Sandra Guzman:54:02
coffee cups!
Juana Ibanez:54:05
people's inability to put things in the right can
Alma Robichaux:54:05
Plastic bags
Virginia Akins:54:11
Virginia Akins:54:14
Alma Robichaux:54:17
plastic bags
Sandra Guzman:55:32
How custodial staff "buys in" the idea of sorting and sending waste where it belongs?
Lynne Serpe:56:38
This was great thank you!!!
Juana Ibanez:59:06
Thank you!
Sandra Guzman:59:10
Awesome talk!!!
Ron Joullian:59:28
Thank you!
carol lunn:59:43
That looks great! thank you.
Christine Mandubourg:1:00:04
Thank you for the valuable information.
Elizabeth Sigler:1:00:07
Thank you!
Raven Williams:1:00:14
Thank you