Windsor Court Hotel Reduces Waste with Water Purification System and In-House Glass Bottling

LifeCity and the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce recently hosted an informative zero waste panel featuring businesses and non-profits in the hospitality industry focused on implementing more sustainable practices and diverting waste from landfills. Keep Louisiana Beautiful was pleased to attend this inspiring event and see so many other groups actively seeking ways to lessen their environmental impact. One company represented on the panel that we feel is paving the way for others is Windsor Court Hotel with their new Nordaq water purification system — the first in New Orleans — and a growing in-house glass bottling operation.


Ralph Mahana, General Manager of Windsor Court, spoke on the zero waste panel, expressing the hotel’s intention to move away from single-use packaging by filtering water through Nordaq and bottling with glass on-site. In addition to contributing to the end of disposable PET-bottles, this transition also reduces the carbon dioxide emitted during the transport of pre-packaged water.


Mahana explained that the water purification system was implemented earlier this year, providing both sparkling and still options for guests in The Grill Room, Le Salon, and Polo Club Lounge. In these restaurants, the hotel can fill glass bottles with the purified water. The larger in-house bottling facility is in the planning phase, and once operational, it will provide glass bottled water to all hotel guests and add four full-time job opportunities.


While there is a significant initial investment associated with Windsor Court’s new system and bottling operation, Mahana expects the transition to be financially beneficial in the years to come.