Let Louisiana Shine Launches Statewide

On the heels of Love the Boot Week, to keep the momentum going, Keep Louisiana Beautiful launched the statewide litter prevention media campaign, Let Louisiana Shine. The main goal of this campaign is to create awareness around the issue of litter and provide the public with tips on how to combat litter in everyday life. Simple actions like covering your trash cans with lids and cleaning out your truck bed can reduce the amount of litter tarnishing our beloved Sportsman’s Paradise. This campaign has already reached millions of people, and we hope it will inspire many to take pride in their communities.

Let Louisiana Shine Billboard


Vehicle for the message
Through television commercials, radio, billboards, and social media, we are calling attention to Louisiana’s severe litter issue. Advertisements direct people to to learn about what constitutes litter, why it is harmful, and what we can do to keep it out of Louisiana.


Call to action
Here are the ways we invite people to help Let Louisiana Shine:
1. Keep your garbage bags tied tight and cover your bins on garbage day.
2. Keep a bag in your vehicle and dispose of your trash properly when you get home.
3. Get a travel ashtray to keep butts off our roadways.
4. Check the bed of your truck to ensure it’s free of trash and debris that could fly out.
5. When transporting large items, secure your load with tarps, nets, or tie-downs.
6. Don’t toss food or food containers onto roadways.
7. When you see litter, pick it up.
8. Organize a little cleanup or volunteer for one in your community.
9. Use a reusable grocery bag to stop plastic bag litter.
10. Spread the word! Share photos and videos showcasing Louisiana’s beauty and what you’re doing to protect it with the hashtag #LetLouisianaShine.

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