Healthy Communities Grant

Making cleaner, greener communities a reality

Since 2004, Keep Louisiana Beautiful has awarded over $3 million in grants to local communities in the areas of litter abatement, waste reduction, recycling, and environmental education. Please note that we have updated our application process and that a formal Letter of Intent is now required as the first step. Please read below for further instructions. 

Grant Purpose

The purpose of the Healthy Communities Grant (HCG) is to provide funding to support local projects and programs that will bring about behavioral changes needed to improve, preserve, and protect the natural beauty of Louisiana.

KLB seeks to fund projects and programs that have a measurable, sustainable impact on one or more of the identified focus areas.  Focus areas include litter and waste reduction, recycling, reusing, litter enforcement, and environmental education as it relates to KLB’s mission.  Interested applicants must submit a Letter of Intent and be invited to formally apply for the Healthy Communities Grant.  The Letter of Intent will be evaluated based on the strength of the answers outlined in the HCG Overview and Letter of Intent Guidelines.

This is a reimbursement grant that funds projects/programs ranging from $2,500 up to $8,000. Reimbursements will be dispersed, upon receiving proper receipts and reports on December 1, 2021, and May 1, 2022.  At least a 10% cash match or in-kind donation is required.


Louisiana non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, governmental agencies, schools and universities, KAB affiliates, and pre-certified affiliates located in Louisiana are eligible to apply. Individuals, KLB board members, and staff are not eligible.

Funding Restrictions

HCG funds must be used to reduce litter and waste, increase recycling and reusing, support litter law enforcement, and educate students and the general public on environmental issues related to KLB’s mission. Gardening projects, tree planting, computers, electronics, printers, travel expenses, food and beverage, registration fees, cash awards, insurance, salaries, expenses associated with fundraising activities, and projects conducted on private property will not be funded. Administrative expenses must not exceed 10% of the grant budget and must be based on $23.51 per hour (Independent Sector, Louisiana state rate, 2019). Keep America Beautiful affiliates requesting trash receptacles, cleanup supplies, or environmental education workshops must apply using Trash Receptacle Affiliate Grant, Cleanup Supplies Grant, or Environmental Education Affiliate Grant.


  • The HCG Letter of Intent will be accepted by mail or email from January 1, 2021, to March 5, 2021. Letters will not be accepted after midnight Central Time on March 5, 2021.
  • KLB will issue invitations to apply for the HCG by email on or before March 15, 2021.
  • Those who receive an invitation to apply may submit an online grant application for funding consideration on or before April 15, 2021. Grant requests must be for the same project/program outlined in the approved Letter of Intent.
  • The Healthy Community Grant period runs from August 1, 2021, to May 1, 2022.




2020-21 Healthy Communities Grant Recipients 

Ben Franklin High School
Parish: Orleans
Amount: $7,674
Project: Funding five outdoor combo waste/recycling bins to augment the growing capacity of the school to deal with litter and waste produced by the concession stand around the field and near the bleachers. A do-not-litter campaign will be launched through Franklin’s Green Society and the Key Club (informational booth at lunch time, pamphlets, etc.) Events will be held to collect old printer cartridges, batteries, plastic, paper and other recyclable objects.

Keep Bossier Beautiful
Parish: Bossier
Amount: $2,500
Project: Funding to launch a cigarette butt litter prevention campaign “Keep Your Butts in Your Pants” through digital billboards, roadside messaging, and on social media platforms to educate the Bossier community on the effects of cigarette butt litter. Pre and post messaging cleanups will be held in close proximity to the digital messaging boards to measure a change in behavior after the anti-litter messaging and the distribution of pocket ashtrays.

City of DeRidder
Parish: Beauregard
Amount: $7,503
Project: Funding to erect a metal building to replace the inadequate collection area for recyclables collected by the Beauregard Association for Retarded Citizens to keep the items dry, organized, accessible, and divert items from the landfill. The building will allow for an increase of collection of other items such as electronics, glass, and other plastics.

Keep West Monroe Beautiful
Parish: Ouachita
Amount: $8,000
Project: Funding to purchase recycling equipment, camera equipment, and education materials that will further engage the public and increase the participation rate within the West Monroe Recycling Center (Drop-off), Roadside Trash Policy and the City Beautification Division, and Restoration Park. Recycling equipment will increase participation at the Recycling Drop-off Center, camera equipment will be used by the Code Enforcement Department to help identify those violating city littering and dumping laws so that offenders can be identified and cited. Educational materials will be used the by city departments and partner agencies to share with audiences of all ages to make them aware of the new programs and policies that have now been put into place. The proposed project focuses on all key focus areas of litter/waste reduction, recycling/reusing, litter enforcement, and environmental education.

Southeastern Louisiana University
Parish: Tangipahoa
Amount:  $8,000
Project: Funding for additional refilling water stations in buildings on campus to assist the goal of having a refilling water station in each building, reducing plastic build up on campus, and reducing litter and our footprint in landfills. Water bottles and bookmarks with education on waste reduction will be provided to students. The water refilling stations across campus aligns with the University’s efforts to improve its surrounding community and the environment. Having a refilling water station in each building on campus benefits students, faculty, staff, and visitors and will decrease build-up of plastic on campus.

Town of Tullos
Parish: Lasalle & Winn Parish
Amount: $5,700
Project: To fund the purchase and placement of trash receptacles and litter education material. A community pride campaign “Spruce up Tullos” by community leaders, formal and informal will be implemented. Trash receptacles will be placed at the Town Hall, park, baseball park, Farmer’s Market, and fire station/fire department. The Town will include “Keep Louisiana Beautiful” logos posted and/or wrapped on the trash receptacles, which will act as a reminder for observers to engage their individual responsibility and sense of community spirit, encouraging them to participate in litter/waste reduction by use of the receptacles/trash bins. A pre and post litter survey will be completed.

Xavier University
Parish: Orleans
Amount: $8,000
Project: Funding to purchase multiple outdoor recycling bins, a cardboard baler, as well as education materials for signage to educate students on what materials are recyclable at what items are not. The bins will be strategically placed in the highest traffic area on campus to ensure the most efficient use of funds. The cardboard baler lower waste removal costs, save space and time for waste handling and management while also improving XULA’s green credentials. Installation of a baler will allow pickup bins to contain more waste allowing the university to better utilize its recycle dumpsters. 






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