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 Office of Motor Vehicles Includes Education on Economic Effects of Litter for New Louisiana Drivers

In 2011, Senator Fred Mills (R-St. Martinville) authored legislation  (Act 317 of 2011R.S.) to add the economic effects of litter as an education piece to the drivers education curriculum and asked that Keep Louisiana Beautiful devise the curriculum.  Seeking a way to engage young people, our choice was a short video called “Why Litter Stinks”.   Along with the video is an instructor’s discussion guide to use in followup.  In addition, the new law requires several questions added to the drivers license exam from the curriculum.  We’re so pleased to now be able to reach out and educate young, new drivers.  KLB is so appreciative of Senator Mills and his interest and concern for our mission.

Check out the video below, “Why Litter Stinks!,” created for the Office of Motor Vehicles.

Why Litter Stinks, OMV Video

Why Litter Stinks, Curriculum for OMV Video

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